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Technical Writing

I specialise in transforming complex information  into understandable, clear and engaging content

My Work

Drawing from my experience in the healthcare sector, I've observed how miscommunication—often stemming from complex information not tailored to the intended audience—can lead to adverse, sometimes irreversible, consequences. The effect is as significant when a young mother is unable to grasp her child's health condition due to jargon-laden explanations, as it is when employees fail to adopt a new system or initiative due to inaccessible learning materials. The impact on individuals or the wider business can be profound in this era of rapid change. My experience underscores the need for a professional who can simplify intricate technical details and make critical information engaging and understandable without losing its accuracy or impact.


That’s where I come in…

An example of technical documentation I composed during COVID lockdowns. I lead the team responsible for directing all front line care delivery services as we moved from in-person to virtual service delivery. My documentation was later distributed by the Ministry of Health as the directive for all community health services in New Zealand. 

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