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Script Writing

Crafting gripping narratives

from the stark realities

of true crime.

True Crime Script Writing

If you're here, you're probably curious about my experience in the fascinating realm of true crime scriptwriting. To put it simply, it's been a thrilling ride....

Working with a variety of prominent channels, each boasting a subscriber base of over half a million, I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in the intriguing world of true crime. Here, the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary blurs, and narratives often exceed the wildest of fictions.

When I first receive a brief, it's typically just the skeleton of a story—an idea, a series of events, or a character sketch. My role? To breathe life into it. The process involves meticulous research, structuring, and character development, resulting in a rich, detailed, and gripping long-form script that engages audiences from the first word to the last.

One of my key priorities in this journey is maintaining authenticity. True crime stories are rooted in real people and real events, making it vital to handle the narratives with care, sensitivity, and respect. Crafting these stories is not just about capturing the drama—it's about revealing truth, and honoring the lives involved.

I understand the importance of infusing scripts with elements that speak to each creators diverse style and audience. Whether they focus on the victim, the perpetrator, the time or the place, it is my unique ability which weaves their stories into compelling scripts which hold audiences spellbound, episode after episode. It's a challenge, no doubt, but it's also an incredibly rewarding process and a unique insight into the human psyche. 

If you're intrigued to collaborate or just want to chat about true crime (I can talk about it for hours), feel free to get in touch.

If you'd like to see some of my work brought to life please see links below or check out some of my work on Fiverr here:

Links to scripts I have written

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